Highlights from the Eight Capital Cities Assignment

What a journey we have been on. Amazing times, going to these eight governmental cities that formed our nation. It has been powerful to connect with leaders in the region and aligning our hearts with those hidden ones, full of His Glory. They have been changed by the prescence of an Almighty God and prepared to hear His voice. It is time to believe for and pray that God will restore America to it's original intent.

‚ÄčEight Capital Cities Phase I  We began on September 19, 2017, by joining the Philadelphia Tabernacle of David during a regular Tuesday night ASCEND gathering. That night we sensed the Lord highlighting Philadelphia as the "Womb of the Nation". Prior to our being sent forth their were prayers of forgiveness and then there was a sense of a breaking forth of water that represented a re-birth. Could it be that God was sending us out to declare a re-birthing of our Nation? The newly formed "Eight Capital Team" left that night headed for Baltimore MD.

BALTIMORE MD We rested overnight and then headed to the Old Otterbien United Methodist Church. An historic church just blocks from where the Continental Congress would have gathered. The sound of worship released in this beautiful church was angelic. After spending several hours at the church some headed out to prayer walk the area and others went back to get ready for the evening service at the Woodlawn




PHILADELPHIA PA On February 8-10, we converged with Philadelphia Tabernacle of David at their ASCEND 2018 conference. What a glorious time, receiving the "Language of the New Day" from so many anointed leaders. We sensed the significance of preceding the TURNAROUND gathering February 22-24, with Dutch Sheets in Washington D.C.  It connected these two gatherings as we implemented Dr. Chuck Pierce's word received in Lancaster PA, at Kings and Priests, August 2017 "This mantle is for cutting loose our Nation's Capital. In this state (Pennsylvania) was the formation of what rules this land. If it is cut loose in this state He (God) will deliver Washington D.C."  

Enlarge & UnitePhase II 
It was time to move on to the last 4 Capital Cities, Phase II . Moving beyond Pennsylvania the words "Enlarge & Unite" surfaced. We sensed the Holy Spirit highlighting the "Purim" season, based on the book of Esther, "For Such a Time as This". We began on February 28, the first night of the Esther Fast, at Christian Revival Center in Toms River NJ. John & Judi Valencia hosted the team and everyone was full of expectation as we prepared to go to three of the Capital Cities that week: Princeton NJ, Trenton NJ and Annapolis MD. We appreciated the welcome from the leaders of the region as they blessed us to go forward. The favor of the Lord was present as we declared New Jersey the FACE to FACE State. 

PRINCETON NJ The next day, March 1, we journeyed to the Princeton United Methodist Church, a beautiful historic church.  They welcomed us to Princeton NJ and shared some wonderful historic tidbits about this governmental city. We went out first to Nassau Hall where the Continental Congress met and battles were fought. We then made our way back to the church where we worshiped and prayed about the revelations given. An amazing time!

TRENTON NJ We rested overnight and as we did, the weather shifted. A Nor'easter came into the region with high winds and snow.  It was a blessing to have access to the hotel lobby as we convened around what we later called the "Apostolic Table". We didn't realize it at the time, but it was where the Holy Spirit knitted our hearts together and prepared us for the challenges ahead. It was also during that time we watched Billy Graham's funeral service together, which stirred us even more. Around noon we all decided that we were going to go to where Washington crossed the Delaware. As we arrived the winds were blowing, tree limbs everywhere, and it seemed like we had a small taste of what it must have been like when Washington and his men crossed. That evening we made our way to the Greater Faith Worship Center in Trenton NJ. Pastor Barbara Adams and her team welcomed us. We felt such a strong presence of the Lord and the love in the room was tangible. What a powerful experience.

ANNAPOLIS MD We left Trenton NJ, heading to our hotel in Glen Burnie MD. It was our plan to go to Annapolis MD the next day, March 3. As we got closer to the bridges we discovered that they had been completely shut down and out of the six carloads of people only one carload made it through. They ended up sleeping in their car for a few hours after finding out all hotels were full. Those on the other side tried to find a place to stay and quickly discovered there wasn't anything available "No Room in the Inn". It was decided that we would turnaround and return home. Some were without electricity, while others had to make their way arriving home after 4 am. The next day, those who made through, went to the Maryland State House, where they worshiped and prayed. Was so grateful to connect by phone with the seven on the ground . Much happened that day and I believe God will have us return to Annapolis MD with a mighty victory. It was a walking out of the Crossing Over and the Turnaround.

NYC NYMarch 22-24, 2018