Brief History:

In June of 2014, the first KEY Gathering was held in Harrisburg, PA​. Dr. Chuck Pierce, our guest speaker, shared a vision about Pennsylvania. He showed us a map with ten areas highlighted. He called them Freedom Outposts, Fire Pits, or Hubs, but would later refer to them as Apostolic Centers. The first evening he deposited ten keys in my hands and said, "Since I had called the meeting, I was to hand them out". What a Shift! ​He also shared about the covenant root for our nation and how it was in Philadelphia, but a twisted vine had wrapped itself around trying to squeeze it out. Since that time the ten keys have been given out and we are moving now into the double portion that was also prophesied.  ​

In the fall of 2014, we began to move forward by incorporating K.E.Y. (Kingdom Equipping You) Fellowship. The Lord immediately confirmed a strategy to hold three meetings in 2015, in three governmental cities in Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh - Harrisburg - Philadelphia. The meetings would align with three tribes Judah (Judah Rising) - Issachar (Awaken Watchmen) - Zebulun(Kings & Priests) Amazingly, these gatherings fell on days where we experienced signs in the heavens, eclipses and blood moons. In this first year, we had the honor of hosting speakers such as: Tim Sheets, James Nesbit, Chuck Pierce, and Doug Stringer. These powerfully anointed men poured into this new movement to strengthen us for the future. It wasn't till we finished the assignment in August 2015 and started into the fall that the Holy Spirit revealed the next phase: "You are not finished, you will need to release these three anointing's like a 'three strand cord' and it will unravel the enemy's cord." ​​At our first retreat we began to establish three teams: Western - Central - Eastern. This would help us to implement the rest of the strategy which will culminate in 2017.


Discovering God in every area of life. Bringing God's true hope to the people, the next generation, our cities and nations.


  1. To be catalytic in establishing Apostolic Centers
  2. Promoting relations that connect territories for
  3. Kingdom alignment
  4. Resulting in territorial transformation

Keys That Unlock: 

Several years ago the Holy Spirit revealed the acronym for K E Y - Kingdom Equipping You. When you discover keys, they equip you and when they are a direct revelation from God's kingdom, they release authority. Part of what we are believing for, as we align from region to region and state to state, is keys will be given to effectively open and shut as well as bind and loose. Lets pick up our keys, they will shift things. It's time to use your KEYS!